Our Upholstered Benches Not Just For Dining Rooms

 Upholstered Bench F565L

When you look at the picture above, you may think the upholstered bench is only suitable for the dining use. But most of you probably haven’t thought that the benches can actually be used in different rooms, including our upholstered benches. We will list some examples below to get you know more uses of our upholstered benches.

More uses of the upholstered benches

Living room – If you has your own little apartment which is with no specific dining room, then the upholstered bench can be placed in the living room. It can play a same role as the sofa, which is less expensive and takes up less space.

Look at our Blue Upholstered Bench F261, together with two upholstered dining chairs F276, a simple coffee table CT184. Such a combination can give you a quiet and comfortable living space.

Upholstered Bench F261

Bedroom – One can even be placed in the bedroom if it matches the style and design of the bedroom and the space allows. It can be used whenever you are putting on your shoes or dressing. Our upholstered benches, especially the flannel or velvet one, are a great choice. Because they have a soft and warm touch, which makes the bedroom more cozy and comfortable, like our Upholstered Bench F247.

Balcony with an overhanging roof – It would be very nice to have an upholstered bench on the balcony. Just image, while sitting on the comfortable upholstered bench, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside and feel the breeze. What a wonderful experience!

Benefits of the upholstered benches

* Larger capacity

The upholstered benches usually can hold more people. It’s not so hard to squeeze an extra person especially a child onto a bench. In fact, a bench is the ideal solution for a growing family and where space is at a premium.

* Multiple styles, designs and materials

Our upholstered benches come in many designs and styles, traditional, modern or western. What’s more, they are made of different high quality materials including leather, velvet and flannel. Therefore, there are a great number choices and you will definitely find your liked one here.

* Easy to move

As you can see, our upholstered benches have different uses. One of the important reasons that they can be placed in different area is because they are easy to move. Compared with sofas, they are lighter and more convenient to move.

* High cost -effective

The price level of our upholstered benches  is usually lower than 2  single dining chairs of the same style, much lower than a 3-seat sofa, but with strong metal base and comfortable pad, too. Choose a bench now to save your money !


After reading the above content, do you also want to get your home one or more upholstered benches? If so, you need to take the following issues into consideration:

  • The number of upholstered benches you need.
  • Where you plan to place it.
  • The style of the bench.

When you have made the decision, you can begin your search now — Upholstered Benches.



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