Upholstered Dining Chairs and Dining Table For a Small Space

The dining space of people’s residence may be different. It may be a traditional dining room, or a small area near the kitchen, or one between the kitchen and the living room in an open floor plan. 

However, no matter what your dining space is like. There’s a lot you can do to accommodate a dining table and chairs even in a small dining space. And below we will show you some little tricks, which allow you to provide maximum seating in very little square footage.

In fact, the key point of space saving lies in making the space look larger with no unnecessary visual barriers in the dining room. Now, let’s start with the dining chairs and then the dining table.

Upholstered dining chairs for a small space

There are several options of dining chairs suitable for the smaller spaces.

☞ Armless dining chairs

The Armless dining chairs like our dining chair F511 and dining chair F240, are with a simple structure which does not ask for much space. Put them close under your table after dinner and that will make your dining room look neat and tidy.

Dining Chair F511

Dining Chair F240

☞ Fold-able dining chairs

Usually they are economical and small. Although they may not be fashionable enough, they are very practical. You can get one G7 Dining Chair with no more than $15.

Dining Chair G7

☞ Stack-able dining chairs

The cushion design of this kind of dining chair is generally not very wide, so you can stack 2 or more of them together. Such kind of the chair is similar to the banquet chairs, which is very convenient to store and can be reused many times. Like our Upholstered Dining Chair F337, when not in use, they can also be stacked in 2 to create an aisle for the small space.

Upholstered Dining Chair F337

☞ Dining chairs with a more slender profile

The slim back design like our Upholstered Dining Chair F331BZ makes the whole dining set look very small. This creates the visual illusion that your dining room looks larger than it actually is.

Upholstered Dining Chair F331BZ

☞ A thin dining bench that is against the wall

This option can create extra seating. The bench can be kept where it is for the most of time. But when you have guests around, then the bench can be pulled out and placed in one end of the dining table to offer more seating. We also have such kind of benches, such as F395L Upholstered Bench.

Upholstered Bench F395L

☞ Dining chairs that have openings or a lighter profile

This kind of dinning chairs can even include some transparent plastic dining chairs or chairs with an open back as opposed to a solid one.

Dinning tables for a small space

The strategies with dining tables to save space can be multiple.

☞ Round dining table

It’s much better than a square one for the small spot. Most importantly, it provides your guests with easier access to the dining table.

A pedestal round dining table would be much excellent. Because it does away with common table legs while visually opening up the space.

You can take our Round Dining Table E223 and Dining Chairs F511 as reference.

E223 Dining Table and F511 Dining Chair

☞ Glass dining table

The dining table with a glass table top can open up a small space even more. Look at our Glass Dining Table E201.


☞ Long but not very wide dining table

If such a dining table is placed lengthwise in the dining room, then the room will look longer. It has the added benefit of leaving more space around the table and chairs itself. And it further gives more convenience and a little more elbow room to the guests.

☞ A taller dining table

You can consider going with a bar table for your dining room, which can make your dining area look like having more floor space than it actually does. In addition, it also separates the dining area from the rest of the living area as it is visually at a different height level.

But you must be sure the dining chairs are matched with the taller dining table. For the chairs, you can choose the barstools or some other taller chairs that have an open design. So they can further enhance the illusion of space and openness.


As you can see from the above, there are many ways to make your small dining area look a little more spacious. It’s not really difficult to set a nice and comfortable dining area in any home, even one with a small space. So, let’s use those little tricks to get a much larger dining room of your own.



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