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Different Types and Styles of Dining Chairs

Nowadays, the dining room of people’s homes have become one of the epitome of the colorful and diverse life of modern people. While just from the dining chairs, we can see the diversification of people’s aesthetics and needs. Let’s go deep into the different types and styles of dining chairs to know more about people’s modern life.

We will list out and analyze the different types of dining chairs according to the materials, functions or styles.

Types of Modern Dining Chairs

High Back Dining Chairs

These selections look very elegant and they generally are used in formal dining settings. They are usually constructed of leather, but sometimes a comparable synthetic material such as vinyl.

Armless Dining Chairs

This kind of dining chairs differs from other types in that it usually has no armrests and is smaller. Therefore, it can be easily placed around the dining table.

Arm Chairs

As its name suggests, it is a piece of dining furniture with arms. It is not one that easily slides under the table. These arm chairs can also be placed at the head of your dining room table with the armless chairs on the other sides. Mixing and matching dining chairs is a trend these days.

They are really functional. Because not only is an arm chair can be used as extra seating in a dining room, but also in a great room or family room.

For more detailed information about the arm chairs and armless chairs, please read: Dining Arm Chairs VS Armless Chairs  

Upholstered Dining Chairs

Leather upholstered dining chairs   There are multiple choices in the upholstery materials. Among which, leather is one of the favored materials for this variant. Because it is soft to the touch and very comfortable.

Fabric upholstered dining chairs   The same is true of the type that comes with fabric upholstery. It is a great decorating option that provides an instant uplift to your room. One of the most flexible things about fabrics is that you can play with colors, textures, weaves and price/quality to get the expected effect. The fabric upholstered dining chairs create a warm and comfortable ambiance, perfect for family gatherings, celebrations, parties and leisure times.

Different fabric materials

Some of the textile options available for fabric upholstery are natural fibers like silk, cotton, linen, jute, wool, brocades and rayon. While the synthetic fibers include vinyl, nylon, polyester, acrylic, PVC, etc.

Fabrics can also be classified according to the manufacturing methods like knits, weaves, velvet, micro-fibers, prints etc.

Similarly, there is a wonderful variety of patterns and designs for people to choose from:

  • geometric like stripes, circles, dots, patch-work, plaids or checks
  • floral, paisleys
  • traditional prints, ethnic prints
  • custom printed fabrics and bespoke designs which are coordinated to the theme or the room’s decor, period and styling

Lounge Style

The dining chairs of lounge style are generally used after people’s dining. They can be made of multiple materials like leather, fabric, plastic and so on. But the upholstered lounge chair is the favourite one for people. For the reason that it is soft and warm, which can release the fatigue and back pain from all day’s work.

Wooden Dining Chairs

The market today offers a wide selection of wooden chairs that complements any dining table to enhance the ambience with a tradition but stylish look. They are mostly preferred by those with traditional tastes and leaning towards retro. What’s more, they are solid and affordable, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. However, they may not last long because wood can easily be damaged by ticks and other insects if these chairs are not maintained properly.


You can choose the appropriate type of dining chair according to the style of the decoration of your own dining room and your preferences. For example, if you want your dining room to be a warm and cozy one, you can consider our upholstered dining chairs. Because they have a soft touch and are comfortable to sit on.


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