Bar Stools – Show for Your Personality

Bar Stools — Show for Your Personality

Bar Stools- Show for Your Personality

Contemporary Bar Stools

Nowadays, bar stools are becoming more and more popular among the dining furniture. And they can be commonly found in restaurants, bars and dining rooms or kitchens in people’s house.

You may also want to set a special relaxing area with a bar table and several bar stools in your own house. If so, then you must continue to read this article. Because you will definitely get the information about bar stools that is useful to you.

We have divided the topic about bar stools into these parts:

  1. Designs of bar stools
  • With arms or Without arms
  • High back or Low back
  • Upholstered or unpadded
  1. Materials of bar stools
  • Wood
  • Metal
  1. The Size of bar stools
  • How to choose the right bar stools?
  1. Practical uses of bar stools

1. Designs of bar stools

To satisfy the diverse aesthetics and needs of people, the designs of bar stools are also increasingly diversified. So there are lots of various designs of bar stools for you to choose from. They also can be the combinations of two or more designs mentioned below, which can become a totally different bar stools. And that possibilities are endless.

(1) With arms and without arms


Bar stool BY006P 


Bar stool BY025 

(2) High back and low back

As we all know, the bar stools are higher than the general chairs. Most people prefer the bar stools with armrests and backrests. Because the backrest and armrest can give them a sense of security and stability.

(3) Upholstered and Un padded

Besides, the upholstered bar stools has seen a surge in popularity these days because of their comfort and the soft touch. You will not prone to get much pain for sitting on a upholstered bar stools for any length of time.

Among the upholstery materials, leather would be an excellent choice. Because leather is very durable which can add years to the lifespan of your bar stool. The leather upholstered bar stools like our Bar Stool BY016P are not only comfortable but also easy to clean. Even the accidental spills can very often be taken care of with a damp cloth without damage to the leather upholstery.

2. Materials of bar stools

Metal bar stools or wooden bar stools? This may be hard for you to choose if you have never bought bar stools before. Next, we will give you some tips to help you select the suitable one.

(1) Wood

The original bar stools are made of wood. Today, the wooden bar stools is still a tried and true choice for people. They can give you a warm and traditional look. In addition, they come in a great variety of painted colors and heights to match different bars or tables.

(2) Metal

The design of metal bar stools ( like our Bar Stool BY010) looks more modern and the construction is more sturdy and strong. This kind of bar stools are generally more durable and can withstand outdoor weather. So they can also be used in outdoor.

Some metal bar stools may be constructed by stainless steel, which can last for a long time. But they are a little heavy.

Besides, some metal bar stools may be made of an alternative metal – aluminum. Because it’s ultra-light and non-corrosive, the aluminum is also respected for its strength.

(3) Combined Materials

It’s possible thatwood is combined with metal to create a bar stool. So that the bar stool can have the traditional look of wood but with the durability and strength of metal.

3. The Size of bar stools

How to choose the right bar stools ?

The contrast the bar stools bring has a huge impact on the appearance, comfort and function of a house. There are lots of things to be considered when you have to decide which kinds of bar stools you need. The most significant ones are those regrading the size & height of the bar or table and the design style that you like.

In this part, we will give you some suggestions on how to choose the right bar stools that fit for your tables or bars.

The regular seat heights of bar stools is between 60 cm and 76 cm. Their size need to be measured by comparing with the height of the bar or table. It’s generally measured from the floor to the top of the seat.

Usually, a kitchen table falls 70 – 76 cm in height.

Then, the bar stools with a height of 43 – 46 cm fits would be the most suitable for this type of table.

In general, bar tables fall between 102 cm and 107 cm in height.

Then, it would be best to match the bar tables of this height range with the bar stools of 70 – 76 cm seat high.

How to Choose Bar Stool Size

If the height of the bar counters are in the range of 90 – 92 cm.

Then, bar stools with a height between 61-66 cm usually work best with the bar counters of this size.

No matter what style and size of bar stools you want to choose, always remember:

  • The most important point is that they shouldn’t be too high or too low when you sit on them
  • They must be in harmony with the size of your bar and your room.

4. Practical uses of bar stools

When it comes to the practical uses of the bar stools, here are several points for your reference.

Point A

If the bar stools are planned to be utilized for any serious length of time, then buying the upholstered bar stools with a backrest and arms is very advisable. 

Point B

If you only want the bar stools for decoration aspect, then you can pay more attention to the style than the functionality.

However, if you are going to spend the extra cost buying a high-class bar stool, you may as well get a decent quality stool that can be used as additional seating when necessary.

Point C

Bar stools are great for any type of socializing like parties, and they can really make your parties go with a huge bang.

Point D

It would be also perfect to use the bar stools on your balcony, particularly if you have a solid balcony front that blocks your view when you sit low down.

Point E

Swivel bar stools can be utilized in various places and are an extremely flexible form of seating. Because they are easy to move and can change the sitting direction at will.


If you have carefully go through the above content, I believe you have found useful information for you like how to choose the right bar stools and where you can place them.

And we, as an experienced manufacturer in dining furniture, have many ways to gather information about dining furniture that is useful to consumers. Therefore, if you have other questions about bar stools or other dining furniture, you can contact us and we can write another article to help you solve the problems.


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