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Dining Arm Chairs VS Armless Chairs

Here’s a question before you choosing your dining chairs. That is:

A dining chair with arms and a dining chair without arms, which one do you prefer?

You may not be able to answer this question right away. Because there’s too many things that you need to consider, like the style, finish and dimensions of dining table and even the style of the whole dining room.

Therefore, to help you make your mind clear and choose the right dining chairs ( with arms or without arms ) for your dining table, we have explored the following problems and put forward the corresponding suggestions:

  1. What are the characteristics of dining chairs with arms ( armchairs ) and dining chair without arms ( arm less chairs ) ?
  2. What situations are they fit for?

Dining Arm Chairs

 The dining armchairs have a more formal appeal and they take up more space

If the dining room is large enough to accommodate an elegant and luxurious dining table, then the arm chairs would be a highlight for it.

Dining arm chair F244PZ and F239Z

 The dining armchairs can provide extra support for peoples arms and further give them more comfort.

If your family or friends get used to sit around the table to chat and rest after meals, then armchairs would be more recommended.

Just imagine, with an arm chair, you can lean on it and settle your arms on the armrests. It would be a perfect place to release fatigue and enjoy pleasure after a long day’s work and the nice dinner.  

An upholstered armchair, leather or fabric, which has a more soft touch, would be more comfortable for people to enjoy their relaxing talking after dinner.

Upholstered Dining Chair

Upholstered Dining Chair

Upholstered Dining Chair

Dining Armless Chairs

 The dining armless chairs generally have more of a modern appearance and a simple structure. And their simple structures means that they do not ask for much space.

If the space is limited and the dining table is relatively small, then the armless chairs can solve this problem very well. Sometimes, an extra armless chair can be placed next to the dining table if needed, as it does not require much space.

Dining armless chair F263

 The dining armless chairs give a chance for people to get closer.

If one has a big family, then the armless chairs would be a great choice, which can make their distance closer and even make their hearts closer.

The dining armless chairs will not obstruct the movement of people’s arm while dining.

If some of you are more tend to have a quick meal and leave your dining room soon after dining, then they are more likely to choose armless chairs.

Dining armless chair F243

A combination of armchairs and armless chairs

There is one special option which is popular these days. That is,

Keep an armchair at the ends of rectangular table and the rest of the armless chairs.

Dining armless chair F236G & Dining arm chair F236F



Arm Chair

Armless Chair














New trend : Combination of Arm chairs and Armless chairs

Now, you have already finished reading the respective characteristics of dining armchairs and dining armless chairs and corresponding suggestions. So do you have the answer in mind?

After you make the decision about armchairs or armless chairs, you can start to think about other issues like the style and the size of your dining tables, the whole design of your dining rooms,etc..


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