How to Choose a Comfortable Dining Table?

The selection of dining table is not only an important part in the purchase of furniture, but also the hardest decision to make. There’re not many requirements for the furniture like sofas, coffee tables, chandeliers, etc., except well-designed and beautiful. But for dining table, there are too many that you need to consider. Firstly, the function that can be resistant to water, oil, heat, and damage is very significant. Then, we must also take the ergonomics into account.

Therefore, we can conclude that a comfortable dining table will have the following advantages:

1. The design is in line with ergonomics

The height and width of most tables sold on the market are fixed, generally around 75cm in height and 80cm in width. Thus, the table size viewed on the Internet is only marked with length, such as 1.6m and 1.2m. There are two variables that determine the comfort level of the dining table: the length of the dining table and the height of the frame.

  • The table must be long enough for your hands to stretch

Generally speaking, a width of 60cm is only enough for most people to hang their hands naturally when sitting. When we put our arms on the table to have meals. A width of at least 75cm is required. Therefore, a dining table with 3-6 seats must be at least 120cm in length. It is more comfortable and not too far apart if it can be 150cm.

  • The narrower the frame, the more comfortable we will feel

For the table legs made of solid wood, in most cases, the frame is set between the table top and the two table legs. However, the actual height of the table is affected by the length of the frame which will influence the movement space for our thighs.

So we’d better pay attention to the distance from the frame to the ground. How much is normal? Find a 45cm high chair (the height of most dining chairs). Then measure the height from the upper edge of the thigh (please pick the thickest part of the thigh) to the ground after sitting down. Besides, we should also consider a variety of sitting postures like cross-leg. Do you still feel comfortable when sitting in different positions?

2. The shape conforms to the surrounding environment

In an independent dining hall, square tables have a higher utilization rate than round tables. In the case of integrated kitchen and dining, the round table occupies a small area, which allows the cooks to have more activity space.

3. The material of table top meets different requirements

  • Marble: magnificent but fragile

Marble is also a kind of stone, but it is far less resistant to abrasion than artificial stone. It has a smooth surface. Just a little bit of water and oil stains on it are obvious. So clean up the liquid on the table in time. Otherwise the pores of the marble will absorb these liquids, and then slowly be dyed by these colored liquids. And that will make a bad effect on its appearance.

  • Solid wood: warm and beautiful

The solid wood table is elegant and classic. What’s more, it is warm even in winter. However, we must be careful when using it because it is damageable. To avoid scalding, humidity, and scratches, the surface of solid wood dining table mainly adopts two coating methods: oil paint and wood wax oil. The difference between the two is that the oil-based paint is a closed coating, and the wood is covered with a hard paint film. The lacquer film can also hold down the wood fibers. Besides, it will not fluff when the weather is humid or the table is wiped with a damp cloth. The paint film is heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, but the disadvantage is that it must be overall refurbished even if just one piece is broken.

The wood wax oil is an open painting, you can see the natural texture of the wood. And you can also feel the original texture of the wood. Wood wax oil is far less protective than oil-based paint for wood. But it can be partially refurbished and is easy to maintain. However, if there is no paint to hold down the wood fiber, it will appear fluffing on wet days or when wiping the table with a damp cloth. If you got a table covered with wooden wax oil, you must clean and maintain it every six months.

Whether it uses oil paint or wood wax oil, solid wood tables should be used more carefully. When necessary, using the dining mat can make the solid wood table more durable.

  • Artificial stone: cold texture & resistant to wear

Artificial stone is more durable than other materials. The high-temperature soup pot, the saucer with a circle of soy sauce on the bottom, and water stains will not damage the artificial stone. And there is no need to be afraid that it will be scratched easily. The downside is that it is bulkier in appearance and feels cold in winter.

Wiping with a damp cloth or putting a hot pot on the artificial stone table top, it will leave white marks. But the cleaning is very simple, and you can dispose the marks with a brush dipped in water.

  • Glass: easy to wear

Once the glass table top is worn, it cannot be restored. But its transparency can make the restaurant look larger.

  • Cement: unique

Cement’s unique appearance and industrial-style temperament is also an attraction to some people. Like marble, it is afraid of water, oil, and staining, so use it carefully.




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