How to Select the Perfect Dining Chairs

Although lots of dining tables come with matching chairs these days, there are still occasions that you might need a separate set. Maybe you inherited a family heirloom table. Maybe you just don’t like the chairs that were originally matched with the table or you want to refresh the space with new seating. Whatever the reason, you have many choices. Therefore, we wrote this guide for you to find the right dining chairs and create a cohesive look that you love.

Choose the right size

When you’re shopping for furniture, measuring is an indispensable part, especially for your dining room seating. Generally, the seat height is 18 inches, while the table height is 30 inches.

Experience Rule: 12 inches between the top of the dining chair and the bottom of the table is appropriate.

When measuring dining chair size, you may need to consider the wooden panel that connects the legs to the top. Not all tables have one, but if your table does, you’ll want to make sure enough space for knees! 

After you’ve selected the dining chairs of correct height, you need to figure out the number of chairs that can fit around your table. 24 inches of space between the chairs. A 72 – inch- long table comfortably seats 6, while a 96 – inch- long table for 8 and a 120-inch table for 10. Of course in a pinch or for big parties, you can squeeze in a few more. But you should furnish your table for everyday comfort, not for a rare big gathering.

Un-upholstered or Upholstered Dining Chairs

There may be a dilemma in choosing un-upholstered or upholstered dining chairs because both have their advantages. An un-upholstered chair is also usually narrower and easier to fit around a smaller table. But if you have a big family or you like to host some great parties, you may want to choose the upholstered ones. So you can enjoy more comfort when you linger after meals.


For comfort, the respective scales of your dining table and chairs must be compatible.

Measuring from the top of the table to the floor, most dining tables range from 28 to 31 inches high. And the height of 30 inches is the most common. From the top of the seat to the floor, dining chairs frequently range from 17 to 20 inches high. In other words, the distance between the seat and tabletop could be from 8 to 14 inches.

Distance between Seat and Table

Test a table (or tables) with a mix of different chairs to find the best comfort for your own.

You can visit a furniture store with lots of kitchen and dining sets on display. You can keep a small measuring tape in your purse or pocket. Therefore, if you find a comfort level that satisfy you when dining out, then you can note the exact distance.

The table may or may not have an apron. If the table doesn’t have one, measure from the bottom of the tabletop to the top edge of the chair seat. If the table has, measure from the bottom of the apron to the top of the seat.

Pay attention to the chair seat. It is hard or upholstered? Upholstered seats tend to compress when someone is sitting. If the padding is thick, the compression may be substantial. To find the more comfortable upholstered chair, you should measure from the top of the upholstered seat to the floor while the chair is empty. And then have someone measure it again while you sit. Add the difference between the two to your ideal table-to-seat distance.

Arm and Back Heights

If you use dining chairs with arms at any type of table, make sure the tops of the arms won’t hit against the bottom of the tabletop or apron. Then, make sure the backs of your chairs are taller than the top of the table. Taller is better and with a abolute minimum height difference of two inches. The chairs look squatty otherwise.

Choose the Appropriate Material

Dining room chairs come in all kinds of materials, so it can be difficult to find the right one for your home. Here are some of the most common options: wood, metal and upholstered.

Wood dining chairs are perfect for the home with a traditional look and feel. Especially when they’re decorated with other wood furnishings. You can get these with or without wooden arms or upholstered seats and backs, depending on how formal you want them to look.

While metal dining chairs have a contemporary feel which can modernize any space. Besides, they’re typically lightweight. Thus, you can easily pick them up and put them in anyplace when necessary. And they’re easy to keep clean, as you can just wipe down most stains on the metal surface.

Finally, upholstered dining chairs give you much comfort, thanks to plenty of padding on the seat, back or both. You can add some little details, like button tufting and padded arms to make your upholstered chairs look more luxurious. Or you can keep the look more casual with simple, tailored upholstery. Either way, you’ll end up with comfortable chairs.

Select the Style You Like for Your Dining Room

After you choose chairs of the right size and the ideal materials for your dining room, focus on the design. You need to pay attention to colors and patterns that best suit your home. If most of your furnishings and the paint on your walls are in neutral colors, you might want chairs with colors of beige, white or light brown for your dining room. Of course, adding some color to the room with chairs that are teal, orange or any other bright hue will be great, too.

You can really be creative when choosing your own stylish seat because plenty of styles are available. However, think about the following four questions, then you can focus your ideas and help narrow down your search:

1. How often will you use your dining chairs?

If your dining room is the activity centre of your home, then you’ll use the chairs daily. So the materials of dining chairs must be hardwearing and easy to clean. Our chairs are fit for everyday use but the cleaning and maintenance of the material will always be a crucial point to consider.

3. What is your budget?

Maybe one of the most influential factors will be your budget. Thus, it’s best to have a rough idea of how much you would spend on your dining chair seating. You can tell at a glance that such material as real leather is of superior quality. However, this does result in a slightly higher price tag. Still, there are alternative options available, like faux leather. And it will allow you to create the style and look you want within your budget.

2. How long will you be sitting on the chair for?

This will help you choose the kinds of shape and support of the chair. If you are used to a nice long chat after dinner and you want that extra comfort, a dining chair with a well-padded seat, high back or armrests will offer plenty of support when seated.

4. How much space do you have?

If you’ve got an extendable dining table where you don’t need extra seats out all of the time, or if you have no enough space, a stackable dining chair will be great for your room. When the chairs are not in use, you can stack and store any additional chairs .

Once you’ve consider all those tips, you’ll have a great dining table which can meet your needs. The purchase of dining table is not only a big expense, but it’s also a commitment since it stays around for many years. That’s why you need to choose not only what is long-lasting but also what you like since you’ll be looking at it for years to come. It should suit your budget and personal taste to avoid any future regrets.



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