The Advantages of Extendable Dining Tables

The Advantages of Extendable Dining Tables

E311 Extendable Table Set

Have you ever meet such an embarrassing circumstance? The dining table is too big for the total family or too small to hold a number of guests for a special celebration. If so, an extendable dining table would be recommended to you.

What is an extendable dining table?

The extendable dining table, as its name suggests, it is a kind of dining table whose tabletop can be adjustable in size. Like our Dining Table E311:


When it is closed, the table top size is 1700 x 900mm.


When it is opened, the table top size is 2500 x 900 mm.

When do we need an extendable dining table?

It is really excellent and necessary, especially when we don’t need a large table all the time but sometimes we need a larger table to receive our guests.

Take our Dining Table E311 as an example:

When you have only 2-4 family members to have dinner together, no needing a large table, then we can close it. While at weekend or holiday you have a party with 6-10 or more guests, then you can open the leaves to make it a larger table.

The advantages of extendable dining tables

* Multi-purpose

Extendable dining tables can provide users with great versatility and space.
Such kind of tables make it easy to provide extra table space when needed and also save room space when not in use.

* Multi-shape

Extendable dining tables are available in various styles, designs and materials. The extendable dining tables come in many styles and shapes.

Such as:

  • Round – become oval after adding one or more leaves
  • Square / Rectangular – become a rectangle expandable table after adding the leaves

* Multi-material

What’s more, they are commonly made of wood, Glass and ceramic or Sintered stone, among which the glass extendable dining tables are the most popular style in this modern world.

We provide all kinds of high-quality, well-designed glass extendable dining tables, which will definitely make people’s dining room look more spacious and atmospheric.

As you can see in the picture below, this is our high-end Glass Extendable Dining Table E213.



The Features of Glass extendable dining tables

  • Sturdy – with strong metal legs
  • Resistant to dents and stains
  • Modern – in designs and colors
  • Cost-effective and economical
  • Easy to clean and move, open and close


When more table space is needed to serve the guests in a limited dining place, there’s no necessity to buy another table. Because one extendable dining table can act as two tables without separating the guests.


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